Questionnaire for parents not receiving childcare benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag)

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Childcare centres where closed between 16th March and 11th May/8th June due to the coronavirus. BOinK, BK and BMK have been cooperating with the ministries of SZW (Social Affairs and Employment) and Finance on the compensation scheme for the costs of childcare. We are pleased to announce that the scheme has been completed for the largest group of parents. Now we are planning to assist the Ministry of SZW in drawing up a scheme for those parents who are not or not yet eligible for the compensation i.e. parents who do not get childcare benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag).

We plan to map out the number of parents involved, the overall amount of money involved and the specific situation of these parents. This is also in the interest of the parents themselves: whether or not parents receive childcare benefit, the Ministry of SZW will not reimburse more than the maximum hourly rate set by the tax administration. We therefore ask parents who do not receive childcare benefit to complete the questionnaire below as soon as possible.

Do you not receive childcare benefit?

Please fill in this questionnaire and help us design the compensation scheme for the personal financial contribution during the corona closure.

We would like to emphasise that only those parents should register who do not receive childcare benefit and are not included in a municipal scheme (e.g. for VE: pre-school education, or on the basis of an SMI: social medical indication). Compensation has already been arranged for the latter group of parents: see question 11 in the list of frequently asked questions about the compensation scheme.

Questionnaire for parents who do not receive childcare allowance

If you have more than one child please fill in a separate form for each of your children. This is because your children may use different types of child care. Fill in your own name in each case. Once you have completed and sent the form for child 1, you will receive a link to a new form.